Time for a new guest, and we look forward to jam shaders with Mario Carrillo. He's a creative coder and visual artist from Mexico with a focus on exploring how technology can help reshape perception. His work explores the synthesis of color, form, and motion in abstract and continuous compositions. He's interested in finding ways to use computation as a means of expression and fostering creativity with it.

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Tuesday, Jan 24

We're excited to kick off this new year and season with the lovely Anna Lucia — a self-taught artist and engineer currently based in Cairo. She writes algorithms to generate artworks, often combining mathematics and computer science concepts with feminine crafts such as textile work. She explores new ways of presenting artworks to audiences through endless animations, interaction, VR, and the screen as the medium.

Her work has been included in exhibitions at Art Basel Miami (2021), Vellum LA (2022), and the Decentral Art Pavilion at the Venice Biennale (2022), among others. She started learning shaders last year and is having a blast.

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