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I'm an artist and programmer from Montreal, Canada, currently based in Paris, France. I create artwork with code. My work explores our sense of play, presence, and perception through interactive audiovisual installations and web-based playgrounds.

I'm fascinated by the influence that programming and algorithmic thinking have on the creative process. Finding my expressive language in code and computer graphics unearthed a very unexpected love for math, despite never identifying as a “math person.” This is in large part what motivates my workshops, talks and writing.

My hope is to help make technology more accessible to aspiring creators by inspiring their curiosity.

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I'm a multidisciplinary artist from México, based in Hamburg, Germany. With a background in creative development and design, I create artworks with programming and algorithms. My preferred medium to produce is writing shaders in GLSL.

I'm currently exploring on-chain generative art, machine learning, and new media art technologies to create art on the web, physical installations, audiovisual/visual art, and live performances. My work is inspired by technology, feelings, illustration, music, and street art. I'm interested in creating unusual emotional and captivating visual experiences, sometimes interactive, as I push and pull the intersection of art and technology.

I'm self-taught and community-oriented with a passion for teaching. I enjoy being involved in groups or creating new ones to help foster new people (especially women and other minorities) discovering tech and make their paths smoother than the one I experienced.