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I'm an artist and programmer from Montreal, Canada, currently based in Paris, France. I create artwork with code. My work explores our sense of play, presence, and perception through interactive audiovisual installations and web-based playgrounds.

I'm fascinated by the influence that programming and algorithmic thinking have on the creative process. Finding my expressive language in code and computer graphics unearthed a very unexpected love for math, despite never identifying as a “math person.” This is in large part what motivates my workshops, talks and writing.

My hope is to help make technology more accessible to aspiring creators by inspiring their curiosity.

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I'm a digital artist, creative developer, and designer from México, based in Hamburg, Germany. My work is highly inspired by what stimulates me the most — emotions, illustration, music, and street art.

I'm currently exploring new media art technologies ranging from 3DCG, generative art, and audio-reactive visuals. Additionally to music videos and video art. I'm interested in creating unusual emotional and captivating experiences, maybe even interactive, for the web, visual arts, and installations.

I'm self-taught, a community-oriented person, and a couple of years ago I discovered a passion for teaching. I enjoy being involved in groups or creating new ones to help foster new people, especially women and other minorities, discovering the tech world and make their paths smoother than the one I experienced.